Service offers cheap check on ‘lying’ CVs

Firms can access a one-stop shop to check whether job candidates are lying
about qualifications on their CVs under a new scheme launched today.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency has linked up with information
provider Experian to provide the service.

The move is aimed at combating a rising tide of dishonesty by applicants.
Half of employers believe lying by recruits is a major problem, a survey of
1,500 firms by Experian found last week.

But they will have to get the permission of applicants to check their
details in order to comply with data protection legislation.

The service costs between £5.15 and £20, plus an annual £125 subscription

More than seven out of 10 said they have experienced lying on CVs, the
Experian survey found.

The most common CV lie relates to previous experience (37 per cent),
followed by educational qualifications, cited by a fifth. Salary and other
qualifications also feature.

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