Seven out of 10 workers think working from home would be more productive

Seven in 10 employees believe they would be more productive if they worked from home, according to research.

The survey of 300 London workers by Sirenic IT company found that most (70%) employees believed home working to be more beneficial for productivity.

The most common reasons for working away from the office were business trips and offsite meetings.

But only half (49%) of respondents said their company offered home working as an option.

Unpleasant office conditions and annoying colleagues were other contributing factors for wanting to work remotely.

Bertrand Lipworth, chairman of Sirenic, said: “Some employers are still wary of offering flexible working, as they believe that employees will take advantage.

“But remote working is about trusting people to use their time more efficiently – catching up with e-mails while on the train, between meetings, commuting (by car even with voice access), working from home while waiting for deliveries or checking e-mails while on a business trip.”

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