Sex discrimination pay-outs double in one year

Awards for
sex discrimination at employment tribunal have almost doubled in the past year
to an average of £17,000, claims the TUC.

It suggests
that settlements increased in most other cases as well, including unfair
dismissal and race discrimination.

Claims for
unfair dismissals resulted in average pay-outs of almost £6,000 last year,
while compensation for race-related claims averaged £5,000.

Unions are
winning or settling more tribunal cases than ever before, with a total
compensation amounting to £14m last year, claims the TUC.

About 95
per cent of cases taken up by trade unions are won at  tribunal or settled beforehand, according to Focus on
Employment Tribunals
, the TUC’s annual trade union trends survey.

TUC general
secretary John Monks, said, "Unions would prefer the number of tribunal
claims to go down, not up, but the situation will not change until bad bosses
start treating staff fairly."

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