Shake-up in NHS causes split in HR

The HR department of a major hospital trust has resigned from the professional body for personnel practitioners in healthcare because it disagrees with its stance on the Government’s new HR performance framework.

The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust has opted to withdraw from the organisation after comments made by president, Sally Storey (Analysis, 17 October).

Alex O’Grady, trust director of personnel and development said the Association of Healthcare Human Resource Managers (AHHRM) was too negative about the framework.

She said, “I find saying that it is all too difficult is unacceptable and does not reflect our views as members of the association.

Storey told Personnel Today in an interview for our Analysis that AHHRM members could find the framework “overwhelming” because it has more than 60 points of reference that each NHS trust must meet.

An Audit Commission report earlier this year claimed good assessment tools must have only 20 points of reference.

Storey defended her statements, claiming she was echoing genuine concerns among her members about staffing levels in the NHS at management level.

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