Shell revamps staff bonus scheme to encourage teamworking

oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell intends to launch a new, company-wide bonus scheme
from January as an incentive for staff to work together to rebuild the
company’s credibility.

plans are still subject to staff negotiation in some countries, but about
90,000 people are expected to be covered by the arrangements, according to the
Sunday Times.

Jeroen van der Veer, chairman of the committee of managing
directors, told the newspaper he hoped it would encourage staff to think
“enterprise first” rather than “self first”.

present, all Shell staff are
eligible for an annual bonus, the size of which depends on company and
individual performance. The performance of each individual’s business unit has
also played an important part in determining the size of the payouts. For
example, some staff in the exploration and production division had oil-reserves
replacement as one of the targets that determined their pay. Such divisional
targets will now be dropped.

By Daniel Thomas

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