Shot in the arm for police recruitment

The current CLIMATE OF FEAR that has been bred by the mad media and the paranoid incumbent government has had an unexpected benefit for our beleaguered guardians of law and order.

Since a ‘grass ’em up’ anti-terrorism ad campaign appeared in the national press, recruiting sergeants have reported a flood of eager new suspects… erm… jobseekers coming into police stations to enrol in the force.

The ads identified the key attributes needed in today’s CLIMATE OF FEAR: being able to drive extremely fast in unmarked vehicles the ability to use computers, mobile phones and video cameras for surveillance purposes the use of multiple undercover identities skills at handling large sums of contraband an awareness of the use and abuse of chemical substances and the ability to point and discharge firearms in a random, yet lethal, manner.

A certain OB Laden is said to have written to the shadow minister for homeland security to demand a retraction of the ads, after legions of Al-Qaeda sleeper cells downed tools and rushed around to their local nicks to take up the job opportunities.

And of course, having been on the receiving end, your average Johnny Terrorist is strangely familiar with the concept of trumped-up charges – a positive asset for a police officer in the current CLIMATE OF FEAR.

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