Simplified employment laws are welcome idea

Plans by the Government to simplify the employment law landscape have been
welcomed by employer groups.

The proposals include the creation of a new cross-DTI project team to ensure
all policymakers consider alternatives to regulations first, such as best
practice guidelines.

The recommendations, which are in response to the Better Regulation Task
Force report Em-ployment Regulation: Striking a Balance, also include the
expansion of the DTI regulatory impact unit to ensure regulations are fair and
workable for all sectors.

Robbie Gilbert, chief executive of the Employers Forum on Statute and
Practice, was encou-raged by the proposals, but he stressed it was important
the Government demonstrated its commitment to reducing legislation in practice.

"Why always jump to regulation first rather than attempting to make
changes through best practice guidelines?" he asked.

The CIPD welcomed the recommendations. Lead adviser on public policy for the
CIPD, Diane Sinclair, said: "We hope the new cross-DTI impact team will
challenge proposals and ensure the alternatives are considered. We would like
this team to also look at how ‘joined up’ regulations are, and would need to
consider all issues affecting employment."

The proposals also include plans to improve guidance on how to comply with
legislation, and to fund a shared HR resource for small firms.

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