Single equality commission welcomed

Employer groups have welcomed proposals for a one-stop shop on
discrimination and equality issues.

A single equality commission covering all aspects of discrimination would
"clarify the picture, be more efficient and avoid some of the duplication
that occurs under the existing system," said Dianah Worman, diversity
adviser at the CIPD.

Campaign director at the Employers’ Forum on Age, Sam Mercer, said it was a
good idea in principle. "It makes sense for employers to have only one
body to deal with. The issue is getting the balance right between race, gender,
disability, age and sexual orientation."

The equality commissions do not oppose the idea as long as there is no
dilution of powers or their enforcement role.

But the Disability Rights Commission believes a number of key tests must be
met before a single commission is established, including the implementation of
a single equalities act.

CRE chair Gurbux Singh also advocates a single act to cover the various
strands of discrimination law, including those from Europe on age, sexual
orientation and religion.

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