Sky is the limit as Boeing turns e-mail into airmail

Soon there will be no respite from the office – even at 40,000 feet above
the Earth.

US aerospace group, Boeing, has launched an aeroplane e-mail service in a
multi-million dollar project, Connexions.

The service will offer a high-speed, in-flight internet service to
commercial passengers with standard wireless connections on their laptops or

The flat rate, which would give a user unlimited internet access, will cost
$29.95 for flights lasting more than six hours, and $19.95 for each three to
six-hour leg, with trips less than three hours costing $14.95.

A metered price will also be available based on a starter fee of $9.95 and
25 cents for every minute after that.

Boeing said the service would "revolutionise the way people work,
communicate and entertain themselves while mobile".

German airline Lufthansa will be the first to offer the service this spring.

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