Smelling of smoke tops list of bosses’ pet peeves

New research shows that just 10 per cent of UK bosses think that smelling of cigarette smoke during office hours is acceptable.

Research by The Aziz Corporation shows the degree to which public opinion has turned against smoking in recent years.

Smelling of smoke topped the list of bosses’ pet hates, ahead of the 29 per cent who believe tattoos are utterly unacceptable, and 24 per cent who claim that men having long hair is completely inappropriate in a business situation.

Khalid Aziz, chairman of The Aziz Corporation, said that smokers were now the pariahs of the British workplace.

“Having already been shunted outside of buildings to huddle in office doorways when they want a cigarette, they are now finding even the smell of smoke on the clothes, hair and breath is frowned upon,” he said.

“Employees should be aware that even stubbing out just before they go into a meeting can still have a detrimental effect, and they should consider whether they should be smoking at all while at work.”

Last week, the Government released a White Paper indicating its proposals to ban smoking in cafes, restaurants, workplaces and most pubs by 2008.

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