SMEs must get bite of London Olympics contracts

Small businesses must be allowed to benefit from the 2012 Olympic Games in London, according to the Forum of Private Business.

The lobby group has put this demand to Olympics minister Jessa Jowell, bid chief Sebastian Coe and London mayor Ken Livingston.

The 2012 Olympics will create up to 12,000 new jobs in the UK and the Forum of Private Business wants small firms to share in the growth.

“We know big businesses will be chomping at the bit to gorge themselves in this Willy Wonka chocolate factory of contracts,” said Forum of Private Business London policy spokeswoman Victoria Charson.

“We are urging the Olympic organisers to think about how small businesses can realistically bid for contracts. That means providing smaller manageable contracts that small businesses can apply for. Moreover there must not be excessive form filling.”

The Forum of Private Business added that, to even have a chance of bidding for contracts, small firms should contact the Department of Culture, Media and Sports to ensure they hold approved and accredited status.

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