IT systems to blame for stress and long hours

UK workers are under more pressure and work longer hours than ever because of the increasing complexity in their employer’s IT systems, research claims.

A survey of 445 senior managers, by research firm the Bathwick Group, shows that 70% believe staff at their company are generally under more pressure than they were three years ago.

The research, commissioned by BT, shows that the vast majority of respondents (86%) agree that most of their employees work longer hours than three years ago.

Staff feel under pressure because IT systems are producing too much of the “wrong sort” of data, respondents said.

Just under half (46%) said their organisation produces far too much information from systems that few people need or use.

Gary Bullard, managing director, BT UK Major Customers said: “Companies have spent a lot of money on IT and communications and continue to be disappointed by the return on their investment.”

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