Smiths redeploys staff

The Smiths Group is trying to minimise redundancies by redeploying staff
wherever possible in the UK after it announced plans to cut 1,450 jobs.

In total, 1,200 of the job losses will be in the UK, with the creation of
450 new roles in plants in various countries where labour costs are cheaper.

HR director at Smiths, Anne Minto, told Personnel Today the company is
trying to redeploy as many staff as possible across its plants when vacancies
arise and is encouraging employees to take voluntary redundancy.

The company, which has sent out letters to all employees who may be
affected, has set up a jobs section on the company’s website to help those made
redundant find new jobs. It is employing consultants to advise people on career

Minto said: "It’s a tough period but there are some positive things
going on. Smiths has won a $1bn contract with Boeing which will maintain many

The move, which follows cuts of 1,600 announced earlier in the year and the
transfer of 450 jobs to Mexico and the Czech Republic, comes after the firm
posted an 11 per cent fall in half-year operating profits. A plant in
Basingstoke, which employs 80 people, will be shut and the rest of the jobs
will be cut from the group’s 50 plants across the UK.

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