Snooping on staff is bad for health of workforce

The TUC has claimed that constant, intrusive staff monitoring is bad for
workers’ health and productivity, and has called for the Data Protection Code
to be altered in a bid to stop employers ‘snooping’ on staff.

It says employers go too far by eavesdropping on telephone calls, measuring
the length of toilet breaks, and tracking e-mails, internet use and computer
work, and using CCTV to keep an eye on workers.

The TUC-backed magazine Hazards cites US research that shows monitored staff
are prone to depression, anxiety and fatigue.

The TUC wants Part 4 of the Data Protection Code – which deals with drug,
drink medical and genetic testing – to be modified. The changes it wants to be
implemented include testing to only be used when absolutely necessary, or if
there is a risk to health and safety. It also wants testing to only take place
where permitted or required by legislation, and for tests to be covered by
clear workplace policies agreed by trade unions, with tests only carried out by
qualified professionals.,

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