Soap actress opts for midwife career

A former TV soap actress is swapping her ‘glamorous showbiz lifestyle’ for
home births and hospital wards by becoming a midwife.

Lesley Johnston, best remembered for her role as Laura in Hollyoaks, has decided
to turn her back on the high life to train in midwifery at Liverpool Community

The former actress told Closer magazine that she now earns just £4,000 a
year, but wanted to work in a job that ‘made her happy’.

Earlier this month, molecular biologist Karl Gensberg gave up his university
post to become a plumber.

However, his rationale for a career change was the opposite to Johnson’s,
with the PhD graduate hoping to double his £23,000 salary.

Have you made a drastic career change for more money or happiness? What’s
the weirdest career change you’ve had to deal with?


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