Social workers in Scotland sacked over Glitter e-mail

Social workers at a Scottish council have been disciplined for circulating a doctored image of disgraced former rock star Gary Glitter carrying a child in a shopping bag.

South Lanarkshire Council yesterday confirmed it had sacked or warned 15 members of staff – some of whom were social workers – for the stunt.

A spokesman said: “”As of today a number of employees across the council have been dismissed and others have received final written warnings over the circulation of an e-mail featuring the image of a child’s face superimposed on a shopping bag carried by Gary Glitter.

“The image is one currently circulating throughout the United Kingdom. The image is totally inappropriate and represents a gross misuse of council e-mail. A council investigation is continuing and we are working through the disciplinary process.”

Glitter, 64 – real name Paul Gadd – returned to the UK in August after spending nearly three years in jail in Vietnam for child sex offences.

The incident comes as another blow to the image of the child protection profession after the staff management failings exposed at the heart of the Baby P tragedy.

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