Computer misuse

Employee misuse of employers' computer, email or internet facilities is a common issue in the workplace. For example, non-work-related use of the internet at work, viewing of inappropriate material such as pornography, and harassment of colleagues or criticism of the employer on social media might all constitute employee misconduct.

Employers should have in place an email and internet policy, setting out clearly how employees can use its email and internet facilities.

Computer misuse can be a particular problem during major sporting events, such as the football World Cup.


Five ways HR can improve cyber security

Incidents such as those at Morrisons and Butlin's show that employees can be a significant risk in terms cyber security. What can HR do to reduce the threat?

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Employers can monitor private messages, ECHR rules

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England's Jonny May tackles Eoin Reddan of Ireland at a warm-up game for the Rugby World Cup 2015. Photo: Javier Garcia/BPI/REX

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