South coast council workers to strike over pay

coast council workers have voted unanimously to strike over pay.

all, 95 per cent of the region’s council staff voted in favour of industrial
action over the 3 per cent annual pay offer from the council.

unions are demanding a 6 per cent pay increase for local authority staff.

country could be set for a summer of industrial action, if the rest of its 1
million council workers vote in favour of strike action, starting with a
one-day strike on 17 July.

Dromey, T&G National Organiser, said: “A million public servants have had
enough. They care but are not cared for by their employers. All they want is
fair pay, better treatment and, quite simply, respect from their managers and
ministers. Local government has failed its employees and is now on the brink of
the first national strike in 23 years."

By Paul Nelson

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