Childcare workers look to unions for support

Transport and General Workers’ Union says increasing numbers of childcare
workers are looking to trade unions for support.

T&G says new figures show 1,500 workers have joined since a recruitment
drive was launched in November 1999.

Holland, T&G national organiser said the growth was all the more impressive
as many of the workplaces were small.

said: "With more than 1,500 new members working in childcare, we are in a
much stronger position now in terms of negotiating with employers, representing
our members and lobbying the Government. The increasing number of localised
recognition agreements we have signed and the constant calls we get from
employers looking for our help and advice means we are now a major player in
childcare policy as well as practice.

is very satisfying to see the success of our recruitment and organisation in
this sector. The T&G launched the campaign to provide trade union
representation and enhanced professional status for childcare workers because
we believed that was the best way to ensure a good childcare policy had the
best chance of success."

By Quentin Reade

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