Specialist plan aims to reduce clinical errors

A pilot scheme has been launch-ed to enable NHS staff to specialise in the
treatment of a particular condition and help avoid a "parade of
faces" scenario for patients.

Julie Hargadon, director of the NHS’ changing workforce programme, said the
new approach would help staff build expertise in a particular clinical area.

Hargadon, speaking at the Association of Healthcare Human Resource
Management’s conference told delegates that a more holistic approach could be
beneficial to staff and patients.

"We now have the opportunity to rethink the support roles to patients.
We are beginning to talk about a cancer practitioner or a stroke practitioner
who would deal with all facets of a particular condition," she said.

As well as saving time and giving more personal care, these new roles for
staff could also help frustrated professionals move out of rigid career boxes –
giving them heightened self-esteem and job enrichment.

The conference heard how one pilot scheme in Kingston, Surrey is looking at
how special health practitioners could treat all aspects of a particular

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