Staff are free to choose own working hours

Chemicals conglomerate Bayer is introducing a compressed working week to help attract and retain quality staff.

Employers at the chemicals conglomerate will be given the freedom to decide how many days they spend in the office, providing they meet their set hours.

Group HR director at Bayer Ian Peacock, said HR must help line managers adapt to the culture change if the scheme is to be successful. He said: “Managers feel that staff must be in nine to five and have their heads down. But the future is that managers want ‘x’ achieved and how and when it is done is up to the individual staff member.”

No time recordings will be introduced to police the initiative. Peacock believes this will empower staff and encourage them to support the initiative.

The move is an extension of the flexible working programme introduced this year which allows staff to arrive later, leave earlier and work from home.

The company has also introduced a flexible benefits package that allows its 2,200 UK staff to buy and sell holidays.

Peacock believes the changes it is introducing will help align HR to the business and move it away from being an operational support function.

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