Staff believe ‘job for life’ is no longer assured in public sector

widely-held belief that the public sector provides a ‘job for life’ is
beginning to wane.

to a survey by recruitment agency Select Appointment, 66 per cent of
respondents felt this was no longer the case.  

seems that attitudes to public sector careers in general are changing, with 39 per cent of people have no
preference between working in the public or private sector.

survey of more than 1,200 people from a variety of industries suggests that people
are now taking jobs on their individual merit, rather than according to which
sector they are in.

Fletcher, operations director at Select Appointments, said: "It’s
interesting to see that people no longer see the public sector as necessarily
offering a job for life.

decisions seem to be based on what the individual role and organisation can
offer them, rather than on a preference to work within a specific industry

Quentin Reade



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