‘Whinge Report’ reveals managers’ grumblings

managers are longing for a few words of thanks, drowning in paper, and calling
for more flexible working, according to the first UK
Whinge Report.

survey of 1,500 managers by the Chartered Management Institute and Adecco recruitment found that a
lack of praise within the workplace meant 40 per cent of managers felt
exploited, while one in three want to leave and work elsewhere.

said they wanted to be less bogged down with processes, and called for the
removal of ‘old guard’ managers, who practice archaic and antiquated management

are also suffering from a lack of direction and vision from their bosses, with
more than half saying that their boss has no better vision of the company than
the tea lady.

Chapman, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said:
"Bosses need to show a sense of realism when it comes to managing the
needs of their staff.

progression and organisational productivity are closely linked to an
individual’s energy levels, and if people are not properly motivated, they will
be less able to perform to their maximum ability,” she said.

Michael Millar 

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