Staff happy for line managers to handle HR issues

is successfully devolving responsibilities to line managers, and most employees
are happy to let their immediate bosses handle workplace issues, according to a
new report.

research, by HR and payroll software provider Snowdrop Systems, shows that just
one in 10 employees would rather quit their current job than discuss a thorny
issue with their boss, citing lack of trust in their boss to follow up the
conversation as their top reason.

survey of more than 1,000 people reveals that line managers have taken many HR
responsibilities on board, and employees are happy to raise most workplace
concerns with their bosses rather than the HR department.

report finds employees will talk to their bosses about:

Taking annual leave (89 per cent)

Time off sick (84 per cent)

Career development/training (83 per cent)

Salary rises/promotions (78 per cent)

Feedback on colleagues for appraisals (73 per cent)

Maternity/paternity leave (68 per cent).

clear-cut are conversations around equal pay, where only 51 per cent would
speak to their boss, and raise formal grievances, where 47 per cent would
approach their boss. Asking for details of company policies is still considered
HR’s realm, with just 30 per cent of employees talking to their boss about this.

most dreaded workplace conversation is asking for a salary rise or promotion
(60 per cent dislike this discussion), followed by raising formal grievances
about a colleague (40 per cent).

to be paid the same as colleagues doing the same job and giving feedback on
colleagues in appraisals tie at 32 per cent.

asking for maternity or paternity leave is regarded as the easiest
conversation, with only 9 per cent rating it as difficult.

By Quentin Reade

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