Staff incentives plan at Cisco aims to boost green credentials

The HR chief at IT giant Cisco is looking to offer incentives to staff who choose greener company cars or ‘preventative’ healthcare schemes.

HR director Charlie Johnston told Personnel Today the move was part of a wider review of employee benefits taking place this year, designed to give its 3,000 employees greater choice.

The company was currently consulting with third-party providers about which company car schemes would offer the greenest option, and which healthcare schemes could help employees better manage their own health at work, he said.

“This is not a cost-saving measure for the company, more that we want to enable employees to understand what [packages] are out there, and make sure they’re relevant to our company values and what customers expect – ie, is our company car policy driving innovative, green behaviour?”

Johnston, who joined Cisco two years ago, said his executive team could approve the deal later this year. “We are in the middle of reviewing this,” he said.

The former HR director at IT giant IBM, Johnston added that the current scrutiny of financial services bonuses and benefits packages would not affect his company’s reward strategy this year.

“The initiatives we put in place will drive employee engagement,” he said.

  Listen to the full Charlie Johnston interview on incentivising benefits

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