Staff motivation boosted by good relationships with managers

good relationship between staff and their employers is one of the most
important factors affecting motivation at work according to the CIPD.

CIPD’s survey, Employers’ Perceptions of the Psychological Contract, reveals
that more than one-in-three personnel managers believe that good communication
between staff and managers is vital in creating an efficient workplace.

survey of 1,300 personnel managers also shows that top-down communication from
senior managers is seen as the least effective approach of getting messages to
the workforce and mission statements are no more than moderately effective.

employee relations advisor Mike Emmott, said, “This report underlines that
motivating people in the workplace is something that can not just be left to
the personnel function, nor does it flow from high-sounding statements from
chief executives.

commitment reflects their day-to-day contacts with their line managers about
their job, and the way in which objective targets are set. Effective
communication on job-related issues is a key ingredients in securing innovation
and individual performance.”

By Paul Nelson

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