Staff survey prompts NHS body rethink

The NHS Logistics Authority is retraining its top 50 managers in a bid to
improve communication with staff and help the organisation become more

The authority, which supplies goods to the NHS, is attempting to become more
customer-orientated, placing a greater emphasis on listening to its staff.

The organisation is to extend its management development programme from its
executive team to senior and middle managers from the summer to achieve its

Linda Garnett, HR director at NHS Logistics, said the staff survey revealed
the company’s 1,300 employees felt ignored by senior management.

In response, it re-evaluated corporate culture and put its seven executive
managers through a leadership course – including workshops, 360-degree
appraisals and a questionnaire – to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

They were also given a personal development planner to plug any skills gaps.

The executive team will now lead the 40 next most senior managers through
the course.

Each member of the top team will be in charge of a learning and support
group of middle managers, who they will support, mentor and develop.

Garnett believes the course will help develop the next generation of
management talent.

"The training has three objectives – to create a customer-focused
organisation, improve the organisation’s performance and spot the executive
managers of the future," she said.

"If we improve our performance the service the NHS offers patients can
only benefit."

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