Staff with green habits plant shoots of enlightenment in UK workplaces

Employers are benefiting from ‘green workers’ bringing their good energy habits from home into the workplace, according to research.

A survey of almost 650 UK workers, by pollsters YouGov, reveals that 58% turn off our computer completely at the end of the day

Almost half (48%) of respondents turned off lights when they left an area unoccupied while one in six ‘mind’ their energy habits at work – and have tried to persuade colleagues to do the same.

The research was commissioned by energy firm Eon, which runs Powergen and Eon Energy.

It said this rise in “green minded” workers could be attributed to the general upturn in interest in environmental issues, with the study finding that good habits at home were reflected in the changes seen at work:

Samantha Baylis, director of Eon’s business-to-business, said: “It’s hugely encouraging that people seem to be bringing more of their green habits to work with them.

“Most people probably feel there’s not a lot they can do about saving energy at work, but I think they’d be surprised. Every time you overfill the office kettle to make a drink, turn up the air-conditioning or leave your computer running needlessly, you’re having an impact on your company’s bottom line.”

Companies can reduce their energy bills by as much as 10% through low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency measures, according to Baylis.

“But, with around half of us still not giving energy saving too much thought, there’s clearly still some way to go,” she added.

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