Staff work from home “to get work done”

Nearly seven in ten employees working from home cite work-related reasons such as “to get more work done” rather than caring responsibilities.

The initial results of a Government survey into work life balance show that more men than women work from home and both would like to see more flexible working arrangements.

Of those working from home, 68 per cent said it was "to get more work done" and only seven per cent gave caring responsibilities as a reason for working at home.

Margaret Hodge, the employment minister who commissioned the research, said the findings scotched the myth perpetuated by employers of a backlash against family friendly policies.

Of the 7,500 employees surveyed, 24 per cent of men worked from home compared to 16 per cent of women.

The survey revealed that 38 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women would like to work more from home. However, of 2,500 companies surveyed, only 22 per cent allow staff to work from home.

A DfEE spokeswoman said the full findings of the baseline survey will be published at the end of the month and will form the basis of policy decisions.



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