Staff would pay extra for housing to cut commuting

people would pay more for a house if it would reduce the time it takes them to
get to work.

poll of 7,500 workers – conducted by recruitment website – shows the
rising stress of commuting was the chief reason.

survey shows a third of workers would be prepared to pay up to 30 per cent
extra on housing to ease the strain of commuting.

in Scotland and South-East England were prepared to pay the most to move house
if it reduced the time they spent travelling to and from the office.

Two in
five commuters said that their daily journey to work is now more stressful than
it was four years ago. And one in 10 have already moved house to make their
journey to work easier.

Ferrandino, managing director of, said the findings show that
workers see reducing stress as a priority.

stressful commute cannot only get you off to a bad start or wreck a relaxing
evening – it also makes you less productive at work."

Mike Berry

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