Standard CV to smooth path to European jobs

The European Commission is planning to introduce a standardised format for
CVs to aid recruitment between member states.

The European CV, which will be voluntary for employers, is designed to make
it easier for staff to work in other European countries.

Vivane Reding, the member of the European Commission responsible for
education and training, said: "While European citizens are in theory
entitled to undertake training and to work anywhere in the European Union,
there are still a large number of practical obstacles, one of which is
obviously recognition and transparency of qualifications."

The European CV will be available in both paper and electronic form, and has
been welcomed by both the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and the

Marcia Roberts, director of external relations at the REC, said: "If it
can help break down barriers for UK work-seekers attempting to find employment
in other EU countries and for EU applicants to find work here, it can only be a
good thing."

Jennifer Schramm, learning adviser, training and development, at the CIPD,
said the plan would help recruitment agencies and employers, but stressed that
proposals and CVs must be constructed properly to be effective.

"The key is how well it (the standardised CV) makes things clear. If it
achieves this, then it will be good."

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