Standards launched to help employers

new resource for employers has been developed to help reduce violence and
aggression in the workplace.

national occupational standards in managing work-related violence can be used
by employers to draw up policies on managing violence at work and provides a
framework for managers and staff to assess training needs.

standards, developed by the Employment National Training Organisation, are
aimed at range of different occupational and management roles.

the topics covered are how to investigate a violent incident in the workplace,
developing procedures to control risks to health and safety and making sure
your actions contribute to a safe working environment.

Health and Safety Executive has funded the development of the standards as part
of the Health and Safety Commission’s three-year programme aimed at reducing
violent incidents at work by 10 per cent by the end of 2003.

Hawkins, who led the project on behalf of the Employment NTO, said: "These
standards will help to define good practice in managing violence in any
workplace. They can be used to develop policies, analyse incidents, specify
training outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of training."

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