Step-by-step guide to messageboards

Step-by-step guide to messageboards

– Enter the forum or messageboard area of the site. On, you must
click one of the subject area tabs across the top of the page, such as Human
Resource Management. More typically, sites will have a menu saying Forums or

– You will see a list of postings which are referred to as ‘threads’. You
can see which threads have generated most interest and discussion because they
have the number of postings beside each one. Open the thread by clicking on it,
which reveals the list of messages. Click on any of these to read them.

– To reply to the message, click the reply button at the top and a box will
appear as in your e-mail software. To post a new message in this thread, return
to the list of postings in the particular thread and click ‘Post new message in
this thread’. To create a new thread, return to the original list of threads
and click ‘New thread’ at the top and a box will pop up and you can be the
instigator of an entirely new discussion in the forum.

– You should then regularly return to the messageboard to see if your
message is getting any response. Post as many messages or create as many new
threads as you like. The website builder has added a forum to develop the
community aspect of the site so the more avidly it is used, the stronger and
potentially more useful a community it is.

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