London bus drivers hold rally for better pay

bus workers are to rally at Parliament Square to highlight problems with the
capital’s bus service and pay differences between bus and tube staff.

1,000 workers are expected at the rally at noon, Wednesday, May 8.

rally will represent the capital’s 18,000 bus workers, and will arrive at
Westminster in a convoy of open top buses.

rally aims to highlight the T&G’s campaign for a better bus service and a
closure of the pay gap between bus and tube workers.

Morris, T&G General Secretary said: "Bus workers across our capital
are at the forefront of delivering an integrated transport policy but at the
back of the queue when it comes to pay and respect. The T&G is campaigning
to reverse the trend by making sure bus workers get a fair deal.

want to see a successful bus service. The Mayor has signed up to the T&G’s
Charter for the London Bus Industry. Now it is time for Transport for London to

By Quentin Reade

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