Strategic leadership training planned for local govt managers

Cabinet Office is to create an online strategic leadership programme for local
government managers.

government body the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) will launch the
course – Prime: Local Government – which will encourage managers to develop
practical leadership skills by offering a variety of learning techniques
including tutorials, scenario-based simulations and exercises.

Macdonald, Minister for the Cabinet Office, welcomed the collaboration between
central and local government.

said: "Encouraging better leadership across the public sector is essential
to this Government’s commitment to delivering better public services, and this
is an excellent example."

Barrow, chairman of IDeA said: "Leadership is a priority theme for the
IDeA. All our work with local authorities has shown how critical effective
strategic leadership is in improving services.

Local Government offers senior managers in the sector the opportunity to
develop an understanding of critical leadership skills through a programme
designed for the public sector as a whole. This is a groundbreaking opportunity
for cross public sector learning."

By Paul Nelson

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