Met rolls out identity badge scheme for officers

largest police force is issuing its officers with name badges in an attempt to
raise public confidence and make officers more approachable.

from the Metropolitan Police Service will receive the badges, which feature
Christian and surnames, over a phased period of between two and three years.

the police union has criticised the scheme, claiming that officers with unusual
names such as Pratt or Dibble would face ridicule and become the butt of jokes.

Police Federation also said it could hamper the recruitment of much-needed
ethnic officers, many of whom could face practical difficulties in
accommodating lengthy surnames.

badges will not display rank, and undercover officers will be exempt from the
scheme which could cost between £60,000 and £300,000.

have also been given permission to remove the badges in any situation where
exposing their identity could compromise security.

By Ross Wigham

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