Strategic new retail partners join flexecash card

Flexecash, the platform behind a range of innovative pre paid card solutions from reward specialist Love2reward, has further strengthened its position with a raft of exciting new retail partner announcements. 

12 new retailers including Boots, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Halfords, Iceland, Mothercare, ELC, The Original Factory Shop and TJ Hughes are the latest in a stream of leading brands eager to join the roster of retailers, who are able to accept flexecash. This brings the total number of accepting flexecash retailers to 22 with some 9,000 outlets nationwide.  “This line-up equates to over 90% of all paper voucher redemptions”, comments Chris Hartley, Love2reward’s Business Development Director, “making flexecash an extremely attractive proposition and, with all its inherent technical innovations, an attractive alternative to paper.” 


“Interest and uptake of the new flexecash card has exceeded expectation since its launch in May this year, with The Student Loans Company and The Family Fund featuring amongst the first customers to benefit. In total over 100 corporate clients have already ordered one of our flexecash reward products whether it be Love2shop, Love2choose or Love2travel. There’s a constant stream of new retailers looking to join us, with many other brands already scheduled.  We are now very experienced in integrating different EPOS systems, so the time between sign-off and retailer launch is now down to as little as weeks not months – so watch this space for many more new retailers in the future.”


The versatility of flexecash means that customers can benefit and choose from a wide range of options. Corporate users can choose whether to send out the gift cards live (with value already loaded); inactive (simply requiring activation); or with no value assigned (requiring value to be subsequently loaded).  This makes flexecash pre paid cards ideal for all types of scheme for customer and staff reward, including flexible and voluntary benefits which may require on-going regular loading of value.

As well as being able to check value online, recipients can opt to register their mobile phone for services to receive alerts via SMS (charges apply) – including payment notification which will confirm details as purchases are made; and threshold notification, which is triggered once the card balance goes below the threshold amount set by the cardholder.

Benefits to the corporate user include the ability to load any value; postage savings as cards can be distributed via normal delivery rather than expensive secured services because cards can be sent out inactive; greater security as cards can be suspended if lost or stolen; easy scheme administration and, finally large clients can have personalised cards featuring their own logo and branding.

Love2reward is a leading incentive and reward solutions provider with turnover in excess of £90 million, and is backed by Park Retail – a strongly-funded, public company.  It offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the needs of large corporate and SME businesses across all sectors:

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