Stress in the workplace survey

than a quarter of employees would take a cut in salary if they could work from
home, new research reveals.

study commissioned by Mitel Networks also shows that of office workers who
cannot work from home, 42 per cent would seriously consider moving jobs in
order to do so.

survey, which was conducted to assess stress in the workplace, finds that 41
per cent of workers rate travel as the most annoying aspect of their job, 37
per cent cite office politics and 33 per cent of those surveyed highlight
constant interruptions as the bane of their working lives.

quarter of office workers spend between one and two hours travelling each day
and 15 per cent are late for work between one and three times a week due to
travel delays.

than half of employees want to work from home because of the freedom it would
give them and 42 per cent because it would cut down on commuting time.

Bevington, managing director of Mitel Networks, is not surprised by the
survey’s findings.

said, “The increase in mobile and messaging technology means that employees
have the tools necessary to be able to work from wherever they are. This
coupled with the recent travel crisis in the UK adds to the frustration of
having to come into the office day after day. Here at Mitel Networks we have
found that our employers who work from home even on an occasional basis are
much more productive.”

a response to the survey Mitel has produced a guide called Survival in the
which offers advice on issues such as commuting, how to cope with
heavy workloads and to deal with a constant barrage of messages.

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