Stress is a health and safety issue according to employers

More than three-quarters of employers believe stress should
be incorporated into Health & Safety legislation.

A study published by the Health & Safety Executive,
reveals that 79 per cent of employers think stress should be controlled in the
same way as other workplace health and safety issues.

The report, which was based on a survey of 723 organisations
by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, also finds that 42 per cent of
employers are unaware of any resources to help them tackle work-related stress. 

Only about 40 per cent of employers had taken action to
reduce work-related stress according to the research.

“This study tells us organisations need to tackle
work-related stress.  What’s needed is
firm commitment from senior managers to do something about it,” said Elizabeth
Gyngell, senior policy manager in HSE’s health directorate.

Karen Higginbottom



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