Stress tops new sickness absence survey

another survey has identified stress as the main cause of sickness absence in
the UK, citing the condition as responsible for almost half the time taken off

survey by Manson Warner Healthcare identified the top five reasons for sickness
absence as stress, back problems, minor illnesses, migraines and allergies.

estimated that around half a million people in the UK are suffering from stress
or depression with almost 150,000 workers taking more than a month off.

this just 5 per cent of UK companies have taken any preventative action to
alleviate the problem of stress-related illness.

reasons for sickness absence, according to the Manson Warner survey:

stress 48 per cent

back problems 24 per cent

minor illnesses (coughs, colds, etc) 21 per cent

migraines 5 per cent

allergies 2 per cent

By Ross Wigham

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