Rail firm on track to curb spitting incidents with DNA kit

staff are to carry DNA kits in an attempt to clamp down on spitting assaults.

today, Central Trains will be the first rail operator in England to issue
drivers and senior conductors with swab kits containing a pair of gloves, an
evidence bag and two sterile swabs to collect DNA from attacks for forensic

British Transport Police (BTP) will then check the samples against a UK-wide

number of assaults on Central Trains staff is rising by about 10 per cent a
year, with 38 attacks last year. In a third of attacks, staff were spat on.

kit has already proved a success in Scotland since its introduction in March.
Two people have been identified and are due to appear in court shortly.

Brown, managing director for Central Trains, said the company would not
tolerate assaults of any nature on its staff.

is disgusting behaviour and we are determined to support our frontline staff in
stamping it out on public transport once and for all," he said.

year, there was a 34 per cent increase in the number of attacks on rail staff
across the network in England and Wales.


By Michael Millar

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