Stressed staff resort to rudeness

least two-thirds of workers become rude and disrespectful to colleagues when
under pressure, according to a report on office etiquette.

colleagues, talking out of turn, chewing gum and turning up late were all
commonplace in UK worksites, according to a survey of 1,000 workers by
recruitment firm Office Angels. 

to 75 per cent of workers admitted to swearing when under pressure, and nearly
two-thirds said they forget their manners when they are stressed.

two-thirds also believe there is nothing wrong with turning up late for
meetings or ignoring e-mails.

almost three-quarters of workers said the office would be a more pleasant place
if people made an effort to be nicer.

people properly, arriving on time and turning off mobile phones during meetings
were the behaviours most workers wanted their colleagues to observe properly.

Paul Yandall

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