Supportive managers help police cope with traumatic incidents

Good, supportive supervision is the best way of being assisted after a traumatic incident, according to a survey of police officers in Strathclyde Police and the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

The report Managing post-incident reactions in the police service published this week found that managerial support, having control over work, a positive outlook, organisational commitment and job satisfaction helped officers cope with post trauma symptoms.

Commenting on the research, led by Dr Margaret Mitchell of the Police Research Unit, Glasgow Caledonian University, Elizabeth Gyngell, senior policy manager in the Health and Safety Executive’s Health Directorate, said: "We are seeing time and again that having a supportive managerial environment is essential for employee well-being.

"Managers who support their employees are likely to be rewarded by having a work force that is open and prepared to work in partnership to tackle work-related challenges."

by Lisa Bratby



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