Brussels summit promotes skills of female leaders

A three-day international summit focusing on women in leadership is taking place in Brussels this week which looks at how blue chip companies can promote and retain high-flying women within their organisations.

The three day International Women in Leadership Summit which finishes tomorrow aims to help women improve their personal leadership skills, It looks at how companies can develop and implement fair selection and appraisal systems for recruiting, retaining and promoting women leaders within their organisations. HR managers and directors, recruiters and trainers from across the world will be among the delegates attending the summit.

Vivienne Cox, the group vice president for supply, trade and logistics at BP Amoco, discussed the steps taken by BP Amoco in ensuring women have the greatest possible opportunity to realise their true potential. She also examined effective leadership styles and behaviours and the role of policy in creating a supportive environment.

Former Pakistan president Benazir Bhutto addressed the conference, describing her rise to power from a life of imprisonment and political struggle to her role as the first woman prime minister of the Muslim world.

By Lisa Bratby

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