Survey reveals web jobseekers’ profile

The first major study of online recruitment gives HR professionals a
detailed picture of the profile of jobseekers on the web.

According to research released exclusively to Personnel Today the average
online HR jobseeker is 33 years old, has worked for 11 years since leaving
full-time education and earns £29,250.

The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey collected information from
almost 8,000 jobseekers across eight major job websites.

It shows that HR professionals looking online for new jobs are better
qualified than the average jobsite user, earn more and have more workplace

The study also finds that the average user of online job sites across all
professions and functions is a 32-year-old who has been working for 10 years,
earns £24,990 and last started a new job almost four years ago.

Tim Elkington, managing director of Enhance Media, which carried out the
research, said the results dispel the myth that online jobseekers are mainly
graduates or IT professionals.

"This is not true – the Internet is used by many older experienced
professionals," he said.

The research reveals that 66 per cent of online HR jobseekers are actively
looking for a job, while 31 per cent are browsing but open to new opportunities.

Nearly 50 per cent of HR professionals seeking jobs online have degrees
compared to only 33 per cent of all respondents.

Imogen Daniels, CIPD adviser for development and resourcing, said the
figures show the Internet is a mainstream recruitment tool.

"Recruiters are beginning to understand the medium better and are now
aware of the true effectiveness and cost of online recruiting," she added.

John Clarke, manager online for BBC recruitment, said in his experience
electronic applications are usually of a high quality.

The report does not show the proportion of job site visitors who actually
apply for jobs.

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