Survey uncovers lack of training opportunities

survey has revealed that one in two people working in the professional and
financial services sector have received no training at work in the last 12

results of the research, which questioned 200 people working in London,
supports other recent reports which have shown that a significant number of
people are still not being offered adequate training opportunities and are
missing out on important personal career development.

those people questioned for the poll by recruiters Joslin Rowe, 49 per cent
said they had not received any training in the last 12 months at work. The good
news is that 93 per cent of those who had been on training courses said this
had been relevant to their job. And seven out of 10 said that the training had
in some way improved their career development within their company.

Ricks, managing director of Joslin Rowe, said: "It is clear that those
people who are offered training at work believe it has had a positive impact on
their career development and has given them real opportunities to progress
within their current role. However, it is alarming that employers continue to
be blind to the benefits of an on-going training programme."

survey also shows that nearly half of employers who do implement training
programmes are offering a mixture of options, of both external and in-house
courses. People surveyed rate the standard of training courses highly with a
total of 91 per cent rating it as either ‘very good’ or ‘good’.

than three-quarters of those surveyed, when asked about what type of training
they considered most important, chose on-the-job training, with 46 per cent
opting for traditional training course and 43 per cent,  professional qualifications.

results show that 30 per cent of people are so concerned about their lack of
training at work that this had prompted them to look for a new job.

concluded: "It is clear that lack of training has prompted many people to
initiate the search for a role. Workers now realise that a good employer should
offer them some form of job related training to enhance their career
development. There are many people who are dissatisfied and actively looking to
leave their current position."

By Ben Willmott

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