Energy industries to bid for SSC accreditation

industries have joined forces in an attempt to win Sector Skills Council

Electricity Association and the British Nuclear Industry Forum are promoting a
bid to set up the Primary Energy Sector Skills Council.

proposed organisation would represent the electrical, nuclear, energy renewables
and sustainable development industries and is being backed by trade bodies
including the Association of Electricity Producers and the Combined Heat and
Power Association.

Kirkpatrick, chief executive of the Electricity Association, said the move
would address some of the skills issues raised in the recent government energy
review: "The provision of demand-led, strategic leadership is essential if
we are to ensure the adequate supply of skilled staff for our industry.

recent employment and skills study by the Electricity Training Association
highlighted the skills shortages faced by the sector and reinforces the need
for industry groups to work together to tackle skills gaps," she said.

By Ross Wigham

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