Surveyors and accountants are wildest Christmas-party revellers

Chartered surveyors and
accountants let their hair down the most at office Christmas parties, according
to research by Christmas party organiser West End Events.

Dancing on tables and
singing rugby songs were just some of the antics that singled them out as the
most spirited Christmas-party revellers. Female office workers in their 20s
were revealed as the heaviest drinkers, consuming more than six glasses of wine
during the evening.  

From the 1,000 workers
interviewed, 63 per cent said they had turned up for work the following day
with a hangover, and a quarter admitted to phoning in sick.

A third also said they had done
something at an office party that they had regretted the next day. Examples
included getting intimate with a colleague, slagging off a boss or colleague within their
earshot, and revealing office secrets to the boss.    

The average amount spent by
companies on the office bash is £70 a head, and the most popular type of office
party is a sit-down meal with disco and entertainment.

The survey also revealed that
the old songs are still the best. The top three Christmas songs that get even
the most reserved members of the company up on the dancefloor are: I
Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
, Merry
Christmas Everybody
, and Do They Know
It’s Christmas

By Mike Berry



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