Swing king Guru misses key point

A few weeks ago Guru offered you and your team the chance to come and take on the Personnel Today lot in a tree-top competition in Berkshire, courtesy of GoApe. (See www.goape.co.uk for more information).

This competition didn’t actually originate in Guru’s hands so he was delighted when e-mails started arriving, offering the chance to do a bit of swinging with entire HR teams. Imagine his disappointment when the true nature of the competition was revealed. The local shop wouldn’t even take back the lovely new bowl he had bought to put all the car keys in. In an attempt to get some value out of his purchase, he drew the winning entry out of it instead.

So to cut a long and rather spurious story short, the team who will supply four of their finest HR professionals to take on the might of Personnel Today is… AstraZeneca UK. Congratulations to Jane Byrne and her team.

Another competition will be along in a minute.

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