Tata Interactive’s performance support systems on show at dynamic contact centre solutions 2008

Tata Interactive Systems will be showcasing its Electronic Performance Support Systems at Dynamic Contact Centre Solutions 2008, an International Quality and Productivity Centre event in Sydney, Australia. 

Tata Interactive Systems believes that maximising productivity boils down to giving people exactly the tools they need, when they need them and in a form they can use as quickly as possible.

This has led TIS to develop tools to allow staff to do their jobs right the first time, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency.

According to Candida Chandorkar, Vice President – Australia & New Zealand at TIS: “TIS’s electronic performance support systems have been documented as providing superior solutions for enterprise-wide performance enhancement. TIS EPSS equips employees with context sensitive information and tools based on business rules, which results in prompt decision making, reduction in turnaround time and consistent adherence to best practices.

“This makes TIS’s solutions the best fit for organisations which find it difficult to move people from one process to another due to a high dependency on a few individuals; are challenged by a high rate of attrition; or are finding it difficult to leverage their customer-facing networks and branches for high quality services.”

Examples of TIS’s EPSS which will be on show at the IQPC event in Sydney have already delivered several millions of dollars in savings for clients.

Key benefits include revenue enhancement, reduced cycle time, more accuracy, higher compliance, and a significant reduction in time to competence of employees.

TIS tailors each EPSS to map to the needs and gaps in an organisation by conducting an initial fact-finding study which helps them understand their current state of performance, strategic and operational goals, challenges and skill-gaps.

This facilitates the development of a solution that maps to clients’ specific need scenarios.

TIS also provides post production training and support to the organisation to help clients use the system’s capabilities to their fullest extent.

Chandorkar added: “Performance systems enable contact centres and customer service organisations to achieve the elusive goal of providing individualised customer service – and at a significantly lower cost than other, more traditional, approaches.”

“Cost reduction is achieved by reducing the average handling time of a call. These systems also enable the organisations to achieve goals such as higher revenue per customer, reduce customer churn, ensure higher compliance and deliver moment-of-need training support.”

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